Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Potty Train Your Son Successfully

One of the most priceless joys of having kids is the excitement of witnessing every single developmental milestone that they achieve. It is very common, especially for first time parents, to want to capture each of these moments.

Though most of these moments bring pure excitement and pride to parents, there is one developmental milestone that might be a great challenge for both parent and kid: potty training. When your son reaches around 18-24 months, it is not surprising that you might start being concerned about learning ways on how to potty train your son.

To be able to do it the right way, there are some facts that you have to know about potty training toddlers. Before you attempt to start on performing the ways on how to potty train your son, you must realize first that successful potty training needs a lot of patience.

The following are important considerations for this tedious process to be a lot easier for you and your child:


One of the most important factors to consider when attempting to potty train your son is timing. When trying on different ways on how to potty train your son, you must come to realize that the child’s readiness for this big step is also a major consideration. If you are wondering when the right time is, the answer to your question is when the time comes that he already shows interest and willingness to learn the task.

Rest assured that children demonstrate readiness at different ages. Experts say that boys may take a longer time in diapers than girls. If there is also another big adjustment that occurs in your little boy’s life, like having a new sibling or moving in to a new house, then you might have to wait first for him to get adjusted to this before you introduce potty training.


Because this is a new task for him, you must assure that it will not be a discomfort for your son during his first few attempts at practicing the task. Children usually feel anxious when they are trained in an adult toilet. The fear of falling might cause them not to enjoy the task.

Initiate the ways on how to potty train your son, once you have already purchased a potty chair that is just the right size for him.


Because children learn by observing adults and imitating them, one of the most effective ways on how to potty train your son is having him observe his parent on how to use the bathroom. Since you have a son, the best person to show him how to do it is his daddy.


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