Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Best Time to Tell a Child they are Adopted

Telling a child that he is adopted is not an easy task, no matter what age the child is in. It is difficult for anyone to learn that the truth he knew all along was not the truth after all.

The difficulty increases as the child matures; hence, it is advisable to reveal the truth earlier and start answering the child’s questions as he grows older.

According to Dr. Steven Nickman, author of the article "Losses in Adoption: The Need for Dialogue," the best time to tell a child that he is adopted is between the ages of 6 and 8.

Telling them earlier may cause unnecessary fear in the child because children who are younger than 6, are still fearful that their parents may leave them.

They may not be able to understand also what adoption is all about. The word ‘adoption’ could be introduced pleasantly, however, during conversations.

After the revelation at the age of 6, the parent should try to demonstrate through their actions that they love the child just as much as they love the other children.

As the child grows, he would have gained confidence and knows that his adoption does not make his parents love him less. It is during his growing up time that his adoption could be slowly explained. How he was conceived by his biological mother, and similar questions.

The parent can do this as the situation arises, and should not be forced. On the other hand, revealing the truth during a child’s teen years can be devastating to a teen, who is assailed with peer pressure, and other teen problems.

He would also dislike the fact that the parents have kept the truth from him for so long. The worst scenario is if he comes to learn about the truth from strangers. That would surely break his heart. It would also be an abrupt process to the child, so experts do not recommend it.

Kids at the age of 6 to 8, however, could adjust quickly and would take the truth about their adoption as a natural process of their childhood. There would also be plenty of time for the parent to slowly explain more as the kids grow.

The way parents handle the revelation is a crucial factor of how the child would perceive adoption. Parents should be optimistic about it and the child would feel the positive energy as well; he would then perceive it as a positive experience.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to Identify the Negative Effects of Peer Pressure on your Preteen

One of the most difficult challenges that a preteen could experience is peer pressure. This is the crucial time when the preteen longs for acceptance among his peers. Oftentimes, he would succumb to any request just so he could obtain his peers’ approval.

As a parent, however, you should know how to determine if your child is already showing the negative effects of peer pressure. To help you in identifying these negative effects, here are some steps you may want to apply.

Observe any changes in your preteen’s behavior

If there are any changes in his behavior, this would mean that he may be under peer pressure. He may have mood swings; one moment he is happy, and then the next moment, sad. He may also stay preoccupied at times not being able to focus.

He may have bouts of silences in which he would stay in his room for long periods of time. If any of these happens, you should proceed to the next
step - find time to have a heart to heart talk with him.

Have a heart to heart talk with him

Talking with your preteen would help him open up and destress. Encourage him to open up by not being judgmental and threatening. You could never identify if the negative changes in your child is because of peer pressure, if you do not listen. Listen more and talk less.

Ask questions that would allow him to answer in longer sentences. Take note of nonverbal messages from his actions. You could also ask direct questions if the situation warrants it.

Once you have identified the specific peer pressure experienced by your preteen, you can then identify the negative effects.

Assess and identify the negative effects of peer pressure on your child

After your talk with your child, you can now identify the negative effects that peer pressure exerts on your child. You could be able to do so by assessing the root cause of his behavior, through your conversation, based on his verbal and nonverbal cues.

You can also observe further his interactions with his peers. If he just came home from an outing with them, and he started becoming irate, then that is one indication.

You could apply these steps to help your child cope with peer pressure. As a parent, only you know your child well. Listen to what your heart tells you, and show your child how much you love him.

When you do this, he may be able to deal peer pressure with a positive attitude because he knows he would always be loved by his family, no matter what.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

How to Teach Kids to be Sociable in a Hostile Society

Teaching kids to be sociable in a hostile environment is a Herculean task that needs strategy and careful implementation. How could you do this seemingly impossible task?

Here are simple but effective ways to accomplish this task successfully. 

Inculcate in your kids’ minds that good people are still the majority

You would not want your kid cowering in his room because of the crimes and hostility that he reads and hears. You have to explain that majority of humanity is still composed of good and non-hostile people like you and him; that there are many people still out there who are peaceful and are ready to lend a helping hand. Recount stories of were peacemakers like Benjamin Franklin, Martin Luther King Jr., the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and Mohandas Gandhi who made the world a more peaceful place to live in

Encourage them to socialize but discuss the dangers they may encounter 

Fear is not a good thing when it paralyzes your children to stay indoors and be less productive. Not knowing the dangers could cause fear in your children preventing them to socialize. To solve this you should discuss the dangers they could be up against. You can let them read the news or you could explain them yourselves. The latter is preferable because you could answer if they have questions. Discuss the various methods criminals would employ to lure their victims. When they are familiar with these various situations, they would feel more confident and would be able to socialize more.

Provide them opportunities to interact but teach them how to assess situations 

As much as possible, provide them opportunities to interact by conducting social events at home or encouraging them to join socials outside of the house. Teach them, however, to assess situations. The old methods still apply such as: Don’t talk to strangers, scream for help, stay in populated areas, don’t stay late at night, and stay with a group if possible. During your discussion, you can simulate and assess if their responses are the best responses. People are oftentimes afraid of the unknown and if your kids know what to do during hostile situations, they would relax and socialize with their friends.

Enroll them in a self-defense class 

Enrolling them in a self-defense class would reduce the propensity of them being fearful of their environment. They would acquire confidence if they know they could defend themselves from other people’s violence. This would allow them to socialize more with people and go out to make friends. It would also ease your anxiety of their safety if you know they could defend themselves well. These are simple ways that you could use to encourage your children to go out and socialize. You know that they are prepared mentally, physically and morally to find their niche in the sun in a relatively hostile environment.

Friday, June 19, 2015

How Appropriate Dressing Can Boost Your Child's Confidence

Children, nowadays, are conscious of what they wear, so dressing appropriately is one way for them to gain self-confidence. It gives them a sense of belongingness when their clothes are acceptable to their peers. 

Standing apart, like a sore thumb, because of an improper dress code is quite embarrassing. Ensuring that your child wears the proper attire would help bolster his confidence because of the following reasons.

Praise for the way your child dresses would enhance his self-image

When people praise your child for the way he dresses, his self-image and self-confidence will be enhanced. He will feel more comfortable with his fashion sense because people admire his choices. That is why you have to allow him to make his choices through your guidance. He could learn what color compliments each other, and what dresses are proper for specific occasions.

His peers would like to be seen with him

Peer pressure could sometimes threaten a child, and your kid is no exception. When your child is appropriately dressed his peers would surely want to be seen with him. They would want to hang out with him, and they would welcome his friendship. When he notices that other kids want to be in his company, this would increase his self-worth and, consequently, bolster his self-confidence.

Having fashion sense enhances his personality

If your kid has some fashion sense, this would enhance his personality. This does not mean that he should always be on the top of fashion trends, but an appropriate style of dressing is important because this would help establish his personality.

Good clothes enhance your child’s positive physical traits

No matter how your child looks like, you could choose appropriate clothing that enhances his positive physical traits. If he is on the heavier side, there are clothes that could make him appear slimmer. There are colors too that could also complement his skin or hair color to make him appear his best. Once he knows that he is at his best, he would feel self-assured and confident.

Proper clothes help create a good impression

People generally judge others through their appearance. It would give self-confidence to your kid if he knows he has dressed properly and that he looks good in it. He would stand tall and be proud that he could carry himself well. His superb appearance would help him gain self-confidence.

Dressing your kid appropriately would help him learn eventually how to dress himself properly. This knowledge would boost his self-confidence and develop his decision-making skills.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Plant Story You Must Read

By: Mark Lester

Evening, the cool winds rush through the valley floor like wild horses running from wolves. The sound of running water fills the entire surrounding as smoke would in a closed room. 

“The moon is shining awfully bright tonight” The little seedling tells her mother tree as the Old Mango gently pulls the earth around her like a blanket. 

“How does it look from up there mother? It must be so much larger” The old Mango looks up for a second, recalling how it was when he too was a seedling. 

With a smile on her face she says, “Yes, it does seem slightly bigger, but it’s just the same size.”

The seedling scratches her body with her tiny root and feels her first leaf at the top of her head. “How did you grow so tall mother?” 

Her Mother placed her finger before her lip “By eating plenty of fruits and vegetables my dear, you don’t get much healthier by eating an all meat diet.” 

Puzzled the little seedling asks her “Mother? What is an all meat diet?” 

The old Mango moves her roots upwards, revealing a small dead fox beneath her roots.
“How did that even get there mother?” 

“Oh, it’s a long story my sweet child but that is what an all meat diet looks like, exactly what it is, dead meat.”

“Quiet already! Hunting requires deep focus, deep focus!” The old owl frowns at the two “Not only is hunting a challenge but your ceaseless talking makes it harder to concentrate on tiny creature. How am I supposed to catch any if you won’t?” 

The Mango cuts him off “Hunt elsewhere! Trying to raise a child isn’t easy either bucko!” 

“You’re lucky I’m not a vegetarian, or you’d be out of fruit!” The Mango looks at her seedling “See that child? If you’re on an all meat diet you’re going to be as ill-tempered as that cranky old owl.” 

“Shhh! I hear a mouse!” The owl surveys the ground, takes flight gently, suddenly a strong thud echoes through the forest. 

“That’s how you kill an owl my child”

The Mango picks up the owl she had just killed with a strong swipe of her branches. “All meat diet is bad, so is vegan, have your first taste of meat my daughter, it’s calcium rich!”

Monday, May 19, 2014

When on Holiday, Enjoy the Comfort of These London Apartments

When on holiday, you can be stressed out looking for secure and comfortable London Apartments to spend the night in. Worry no more because finding suitable apartments that would provide you with the best accommodation while simultaneously allowing you to enjoy the unique sights and sounds of the city.

If you are with your family and children, then it is imperative that you find comfortable accommodations for them. It is difficult to look for an apartment for your family, especially with children around, so you need help from someone who knows the complexities of the city.

Whether you are on a business, medical or leisure trip, the London Apartments would provide your needs appropriately. Londoners, Robert Arnold and Polly Fletcher, could help you find your preferred apartment. In addition Robert Arnold and Polly Fletcher’s personal and professional services are free.

You can inform them about your accommodation needs and preferences, and they will meet your requirements properly because they have resided in London for 22 years already. Several friends are currently working in London and they speak about the amazing tourists’ spots that people could visit.

You can enjoy your vacation too in London by booking the best and most affordable apartments with the help of this couple. You may want to look for them the next time you visit London.

The Big Ben, London, Image credit: commons.wikimedia.org

Saturday, March 1, 2014

How to Stay Sexy Even after Those Child-bearing Years

Mothers out there, let me tell you some good news, even you could be sexy after all your child-bearing years. There are simple and effective ways to do so. You should be aware of the principle that the excess calorie you ingest should be eliminated from your body to prevent calorie deposits in your adipose tissues. The most effective methods to be sexy are regular exercise, proper diet and wearing appropriate undergarments such as the Best Body shaper.  

Regular exercise

Regular exercise will always be part of staying healthy and sexy. You need not go to the gym or have the latest exercise machines in your home. If you could not do daily gymnastics or jogging, you do your exercise by walking as often as you can while doing your chores; walk to the grocery store, to church, around the house, and that would be sufficient. What is important is to do these walking exercise daily.  

Proper Diet

Walking would be sufficient if you do not overeat. You should eat properly and not stuff yourself with harmful fats and sweets. The normal person with normal activities needs around 1,200 to 2,000 calories daily depending upon the person’s activities. If you are not able to exercise more then, you should eat fewer carbohydrates such as rice, bread, and potatoes. Eat more of vegetables and fruits so that you would be able to wear a sexy Seamless shape wear.  

Wear Best back smoothing bra and cami

These undergarments would help a lot in making your appearance flawless. The bra would make your breasts appear fuller and superb, while providing a comfortable full support. The cami would help smoothen those unwanted bulges in your body and trim those excess appendages in your waist. These affordable undies are made up of durable, breathable moisture-wick microfibers that are of high quality, smooth clothing material. There are also various types of undergarments for different outfits such as sleeveless blouses, and dresses for pregnant dresses.

 In addition, avoiding drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes would help you live a healthy life and maintain your well-shaped and healthy body. Sleeping 8 hours a day would also strengthen your muscles and improve your metabolic and physiologic function. 

All these would lead to a sexy and healthy body.You would not have to worry now what to wear. All you have to do is follow the pointers below and be as healthy and as sexy as any other woman. Be ready, also, with the admiration of people around you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kids, Do You Want to Have Fun Listening to the Amazing Story of Trockle? Holly Jahangiri, Author of Trockle Will Relate the Story Herself

Hello kids, if you’re looking for a fun and educational activity this weekend, you can have a blast listening to the amazing story of Trockle read by Trockle’s creator herself - Holly Jahangiri.

Holly is the author of Trockle , and she will be the guest storyteller at Paint Me a Story. 

This would be held at 10:00 AM, October 6, 2012 at the Color Me Mine of Cypress (24140 Hwy 290, Ste 300; Cypress, TX 77429).

With only $20, you’ll have snacks of donut and juice, a personal encounter with the noted author herself, Holly Jahangiri, and the chance to have her book, Trockle, autographed personally for you, should you decide to buy it.

Isn’t that exciting? So, call now 281-758-4139 for reservations, or email cypress@colormemine.com.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Why You Should Choose Organic Skin Products For Your Baby

Of course you always want to give the best for your baby, and that also includes all the skin care products that you apply to your baby’s skin. However, with such a lot of products available in the market, you might be wondering which among them will be the best choice.

Maybe you might have heard already that organic skin products are the best for your little one’s delicate skin. So, you might be wondering now, what do you mean by organic skin products and what benefits can you get from opting to use them on your baby. Read on for more information about these products.

Organic skin products are said to be the best because these products are manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals. The all-natural characteristic of these organic skin products makes them the most appropriate to use on baby skin because baby skin is said to be thinner and more sensitive than adult skin.

Thus, baby skin is more prone to absorb such chemicals that might be present on other skin products. These chemicals may harm your baby by causing skin irritations and dryness. There are also studies that say that long-term use of chemical-based skin products might cause a higher risk for individuals to be more prone to certain diseases such as certain cancers, allergic reactions, lung diseases and liver diseases.

Despite the fact that chemicals were not used for the manufacture of organic skin products, you need not worry about their effectiveness. These organic skin products are very effective to cleanse your baby and to leave your baby sweet smelling.

Once you try to use these products, you will realize that you need not worry anymore about baby skin rashes and irritations. In fact, even adults that have sensitive skin are also advised to use organic products.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The First Solid Food to Prepare for Your Baby

Do you think your baby is ready to have his first solid food? Well, if baby starts to show interest in the food that you are eating, if he can hold his head upright independently and if he can sit upright with assistance, then you may be right about thinking that he is already ready.

If you are still hesitant, you may feel more confident about initiating to introduce to your baby his first solid food if you have consulted to his pediatrician during one of his regular check-ups. Another question is what type of food will be appropriate to serve your baby.

The very first time that you try to introduce to him his first solid food, always remember that natural foods are best for this time. The average age at which babies start to eat their first solid food is at four to six months. During this age, their tummies are more sensitive as compared to tummies of older kids.

That is why it is safe to serve any from the natural selection of foods like cereals, fruits, and potatoes. These are ideal to be your baby’s first solid food because these foods can be easily digested by their little tummies.

As he gets a bit older (around seven to eight months), you may now add pureed chicken to the list of his first solid food. You may use a blender to make the chicken meat pureed. The next question that might come to your mind is the amount that you can give to baby.

How much is usually given to babies during this time? Resist the urge of giving him too much of his first solid food, because tummies of infants are just small. A serving of one tablespoon of cereal or fruit mixed with four table spoons of milk will be enough.

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