Saturday, July 7, 2012

The First Solid Food to Prepare for Your Baby

Do you think your baby is ready to have his first solid food? Well, if baby starts to show interest in the food that you are eating, if he can hold his head upright independently and if he can sit upright with assistance, then you may be right about thinking that he is already ready.

If you are still hesitant, you may feel more confident about initiating to introduce to your baby his first solid food if you have consulted to his pediatrician during one of his regular check-ups. Another question is what type of food will be appropriate to serve your baby.

The very first time that you try to introduce to him his first solid food, always remember that natural foods are best for this time. The average age at which babies start to eat their first solid food is at four to six months. During this age, their tummies are more sensitive as compared to tummies of older kids.

That is why it is safe to serve any from the natural selection of foods like cereals, fruits, and potatoes. These are ideal to be your baby’s first solid food because these foods can be easily digested by their little tummies.

As he gets a bit older (around seven to eight months), you may now add pureed chicken to the list of his first solid food. You may use a blender to make the chicken meat pureed. The next question that might come to your mind is the amount that you can give to baby.

How much is usually given to babies during this time? Resist the urge of giving him too much of his first solid food, because tummies of infants are just small. A serving of one tablespoon of cereal or fruit mixed with four table spoons of milk will be enough.


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