Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reliable Printers for Home, and my Children's Book

What has printing got to do with children? Well, I want to publish a book about children but the printing cost is so expensive, especially that it I plan to add more colorful pages. It would be a colorful and interesting book (I hope) for children. Perhaps I could buy a printer and have them printed myself, but when I canvassed, they were so expensive,

I had also canvassed printing presses, but printing and binding costs a fortune. I was looking now for printers that could produce vibrant and colorful pictures and greatly printed texts. I found these amazing printers when I was about to give up. These are reliable printers that I could easily use at home. These printers offer consumers the advantage of an auto duplex or 2-sided printing. I had gone over their features and they are also user-friendly. I am not much of a technical person, but I will be able to easily follow the instructions of the installation and operation of the printers.

Because of these printers, now I plan to print the pages myself and then have them book bind. I know this would significantly reduce the cost of my DIY venture if I use these printers to create my book. Good luck to me.


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