Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hand in Hand with your Child

Walk hand in hand with your child. Be the Guide!

Children need the proper guidance of their parents. Be the firm strong hand for your child. See his potential and motivate him to be his best. If his own parents do not believe in him, who will? There is always the sleeping "Dragon" inside your child. There will always be something in him which he will be good at. Look for this, no matter how insignificant it is. Capitalize on it. You could develop this "good" and magnify it . Make something big out of it. Turn the lemon into a lemonade!


imelda said...

yes they are on their formative years yet so they depend on guides

tashabud said...

Good advice, Jena. But when they get older and making their own decision, it's heartbreaking to see that efforts made may not garner the results we've been hoping for. But it's still good not to give up no matter what.

Nice pics, by the way.


JENAISLE said...

Hi Imelda,

I agree, hawak kamay...tayo dapat.

Hi Tasha,

You're right, it's a sad fact of life.

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