Saturday, March 20, 2010

A 5 -Year Old Driving?

Have you heard of the 5 yr old kid who have driven a car? Are kids so precocious these days?

Children are exposed to technology so much that they miss enjoying the simple things that nature could offer. Parents should take time to allow their kids to appreciate nature around them. Bring them to parks, to hiking trips and the like.


tashabud said...

They keep younger and younger, don't they?

Your grandson is going to be the next NASCAR winner. LOL.

Virginia Gaces said...

Hi Tasha,

Indeed, younger and younger, even the soap operas in Philippine TVs involve 13 and `14 yr old falling in love. When they should be concentrating on their studies and on friendship.

Ruthi said...

I agree... kids are smarter nowadays. They learn fast and quick.

Virginia Gaces said...

Hi Ruthi,

Yes, and there are pros and cons to it..don't you agree?

imelda said...

yes that is the best to let them explore the world around them

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