Sunday, January 17, 2010

Four Simple Things You Could Allow Your Tot to do

Tots are adventurous and insouciant. They act as if they own the world. They grab things around them unmindful of the danger they are exposed. They wander around as if they are invincible to everything. They are undaunted and unafraid of obstacles and objects placed before them.

As a parent, what could you allow your tot to do in this precarious and dangerous stage?

1. Let him throw ball.

This would channel his zest for action. The ball should be just enough for his tiny hands to play with. Give him a basket and let him play in a spacious room where there are no impediments in which he can stumble on.

2. Let him play with building blocks.

Show him first even if he does not truly understand and guide his hand and then leave him alone. The blocks should not be too small for him to swallow and not too big to prevent easy handling.

3. Let him walk around the room.

The room should be soft carpeted and all obstacles and dangerous materials should be removed so he can roll over or crawl. Remove all dangling gadgets or appliances within the area.

4. Let him play the piano or any organ that he could.

If he has an interest in piano, then allow him to tinker with it. Who knows? he might be the next maestro.

These are only a few of the things that your tot could do. What your tot could do depends upon how creative you are. You should offer him a variety of interesting activities to develop his psychomotor and intellectual abilities.


jakill said...

Hi Jena. I really likethis post. Here's another idea - it was a favourite toy of my granddaughter. It was a box shaped like a ball, but with many sides squared off. Each of these sides had a shape cut out of it, and it included objects in these shapes that could be pushed through to the centre. At first we had to help her, but she soon got the hang of it and was so proud of herself. I think there are many variations of this activity.

Virginia Gaces said...

Hi Jean,

Yes, I saw one of those toys. That is one good alternative. We have toys like that too. They're made of plastic and kids could learn how to much figures.

Thanks for that vital input. All the best.

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