Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten Tips on Helping to Ensure the Safety of Your Tots

Little children are insouciant and carefree and they are not usually aware of the dangers they are exposed to. Here are some pointers on how to ensure that your children are safe.

1. Put all sharp objects out of their reach, especially sharp objects. They still do not know what would hurt them or not.

2. Cover all electric sockets or holes that could harm him/her. Tots are fond of inserting their fingers into tiny holes or they stick something into holes.

3. Don’t buy toys that they could swallow or put in their noses and ears, like marbles or tiny balls.

4. Don’t buy toys that could suffocate him/her like toys with plastic coverings, clay and the like.

5. Don’t allow him to watch violent movies or TV programs. He may not seem to understand what is on TV, but constant gory scenes in his line of vision will give a wrong impression on her/him, that violence is normal.

6. Feed him/her nutritive food. Let him get acquainted with the taste of vegetable as early as possible.

7. Let him drink lots of water. Fruit juices could do, but some have a sensitive stomach, so water is still the best liquid to drink.

8. Let him/her wear appropriate clothes. If it’s summer let him wear comfortable clothes. The same is true with the cold season; he should wear the correct type of clothing, warm and thick.

9. Ensure that he/she could not climb out of his/her playpen. When he reached that stage, then he /she could play on the floor while you keep a watchful eye.

10. Never leave him/her in the bed unattended. If you think they do not know how to crawl, soon enough they will.

Be safe and happy!


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