Saturday, September 12, 2009

Important Considerations Before Becoming a Parent

Being a parent brings awesome joy and happiness, but at the same time, also great responsibilities that should not be taken lightly. Before you decide to become a parent there are vital considerations that you should take into account.

What are these vital considerations?

1. You and your partner should be emotionally ready.

Being ready emotionally counts a lot in the success of parenting. A correct and a positive outlook of what parenting is all about would determine whether parents would enjoy the responsibility or not.

Oftentimes we hear partners arguing about a pregnancy.
If this argument is not resolved, then it would be a source of fights and misunderstandings later on, even after the baby is born.

If both couples welcome the child, then lesser problems arise because the responsibility would be shared voluntarily.

2. You should also be ready financially.

Sometimes the strain of financial problems caused by a growing family can wreak havoc in your married life. It is actually one major source of friction. Having insufficient money to buy the needs of the child is stressful and brings anxiety. With anxiety and stress come ill-temperedness and therefore fights and misunderstandings.

Making sure that you are able to finance the growing up years of your child is an obligation that should be seriously taken cared of.

A trust fund should also be in place for your child. An educational plan should also be kept in mind when planning for the future of your child.

3. Your basic needs should be met first before thinking about parenthood.

Maslow in his Theory of Human Motivation had established the basic needs for man: food, shelter, clothing, sex, homeostasis and sleep.

Do you have a roof over your head for you to sleep in without being worried? Do you have ample food on the table, to provide enough nutrition so that proper homeostasis occurs in your body?

Do you have sufficient clothes to keep you warm? These are basic needs that have to be fulfilled before you ever think about parenting. You would not want your family living in one apartment to another, would you? Neither do you want them begging for food. I know this is the extreme, but this is a fact that every parent- to-be, should look into. The sex aspect is easily understood with loving couples.

Becoming a parent is a herculean and challenging endeavor. It would benefit you tremendously if you venture into parenting with all the necessary resources that you need. Good luck!


PinayHeaven said...

yep! every individual should think about this... before getting married

Virginia Gaces said...

Yes, thanks for dropping by.

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