Friday, February 20, 2009

A Child at Play is a Sight to Behold

Allowing your child to play is one aspect of a child's development that you should allow. He/she tends to discover things by himself and learns how to be creative and innovative. Be sure however, that there are no sharp objects to harm him/her and that she is out of harm's way.

Let her play in large open spaces or safely inside the room where he/she can be secure.


BRAD said...

a very nice blog to visit.....

tashabud said...

Seeing the beach picture, I'd like to be at the beach right now too. Play is indeed very important, even for adults like me. Hee, hee. Your grandchildren are so adorable. And yes, safety is very important factor to consider where children should play and what toys to play with.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Brad,

Thanks for the visit, God bless.

Hi Tasha,

They are indeed adorable. The beach is very inviting. This is actually a nude gabby has still no malice in his care.

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