Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Grandkids, The Nurse and Her Medical Scurbs

Whenever I bring my grandchildren to the hospital, they usually cry when they see someone in scrubs coming near them. The scrub suit was a symbol of needles and countless tests and medications. I cannot blame them though because this reaction is based on their experience.

There was a time though that a young, beautiful nurse was on duty that time that I brought my granddaughter to the hospital. She was all smiles, joked with her, cajoled her and had established a kinship with my grandkid. I had thought then, how lucky kids would be if they had a nurse like her. She was kind, considerate, caring and had a gleaming nursing uniform scrubs that were pristine and elegant in her body.

My little girl chirped whenever she was around. I knew, even her medical scrubs helped in exuding her competence and skills. After just 3 days, my grandkid got well but she was hesitant to go home because, according to her, she will not be seeing anymore her nurse friend.

We went home nevertheless, but only after she had hugged her. If nurses were all like her and are impeccably dressed, then this would help a lot in the recuperation of patients. Medical Scrub stores should see to it that what they sell are impeccable suits that can enhance the competent and caring image of a nurse.


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