Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Joys of Little Children

There was once a boy named Jan, who wondered why adults behave differently from children. Once he saw a woman quarrel with her husband and said, " I am not hurt, go on," and then when the man left, she wailed in so much agony, Jan wondered why she did not just tell the truth.

There was a time he saw another adult, walking in the sand with his expensive shoes on. Why did he not just remove his shoes and walk barefooted? That would be a wonderful experience! Why come to the beach if you do not want your feet wet?

Children have wisdom in their simple and uncorrupted minds. They only see the basic truth about events and things. We should be like little children, simple and pure. It's a tall order, but that is our daily challenge. I tried doing these things when I was younger. Now, I just gave up on the challenge. But on second thoughts, it is an unending challenge, that we should conquer.

To hug because we want warmth.
To eat, because we need to and not to devour our food like hungry lions.
To speak, because we are curious about life and the joys it can bring.
To walk because we need a breath of fresh air.
To sleep. because we need to dream.
To see, because we need to appreciate.
To hear because we need to listen to others.
and to love because we feel love.


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