Friday, August 20, 2010

Giving in to Children and What They Want

Oftentimes we are at a loss on whether to give in to our toddler’s demands or not. The basis of your response should be on whether your reaction would develop the child into a better person. If it does not, then do not proceed with your action.
You may want to give in to your child’s every demand to avoid conflict and make things easier. However, in reality you are only preparing a difficult way for you eventually.

When the child grows older, his perception that all his wants and desires , no matter how unreasonable they are, should be met , would make life a living hell for both of you. He/she will become insensitive to the needs of others, bordering on Asperger’s syndrome. He/he will also expect his every whim to be met.

Do not allow this to happen to you. Train your child to know when to ask for something and when not to. You are not only developing your child’s character but also his personality.


tashabud said...

A very wise advice, Jena. You're a Sage. I have to remember this because I'm a grandma of three, soon to be a grandma of four little ones, and they're staying with my husband and me full-time now. Ayayayayay!

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