Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Measure a Child's Foot

You can enjoy buying shoes for your children by allowing them a free hand in the selection. Children are always excited when you give them chances to make decisions concerning their needs. Bring him with you and let him decide which pair of shoes is most comfortable for him. If you are buying also boys sandals, then give him pointers but let him decide.

Granting small liberties and chances for your children to assume responsibilities will develop their self-confidence and boost their self-esteem. Try many brands or other designs to determine which may be the great option. Here are pointers you can give him:

Consider comfort and durability

Does he feel comfortable with the shoes? Are they durable? They may be more expensive but if they are more durable, then you should recommend them.

Design and style

Is the design and color easily compatible with any clothing? Is the design chic and a the same time provides safe use? Vibrant colors would enliven the mood of a gloomy day. They are also appropriate for children. You can encourage your child to buy such colors.


Teach your kid to budget too, by instructing him how much he can spend on a pair of shoes. Affordability also means being able to buy a pair of shoes that is durable and inexpensive as well.

Offering you both durability and affordability, you can rely on Start-rite. Buying a pair of children’s shoes can be fulfilling if you are an optimist. Be consistent in allowing your child to buy his own things and you will be surprised at how this can turn him into a responsible child and adult.

Here is a great video on how to measure your child's feet properly.


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