Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fathering: A Crucial Role in Being a Parent

Being a parent, most often when we think of children, we think most about mothering and not fathering. But you can never be considered a parent to your children unless you have fathered them. What then are these actions that demonstrate the fathering aspect of your parenthood?

These are various acts of fathering:

1. Attending Childbirth classes with your wife

Although your child has not been born yet, you should be performing already your responsibility as a father to him/her.
This has a positive impact on both mother and baby. Consequently, a happy mother would give birth to a happy baby.

2. Helping in rearing up your children

Mothers should not be held solely responsible in attending to the personal needs of the children, like feeding, baby sitting, bathing etc. If both parents are working, then this responsibility should be shared between parents.

3. Being a role model to your children, especially your growing sons

To be a father means to be a good example to your kids.
Fathering your kids means you actually "show" them how to become good and productive persons not only at home, but also in the society where they exist in. Instilling in them the value of honesty, sincerity, generosity and helpfulness, would serve as a guiding light for them to follow.
4. Being there when your children need a helping hand and a listening ear

Who else would listen to children but their own parents? This is part of your responsibility as a father; to give advice and help when your children have problems of their own, when they are lost in the dark and need someone to lean on. Mothers are not only the persons to approach when one wants to confide. Fathers should also play the role that most mothers are expected to play in the lives of their children.

5. Teaching your children wholesome hobbies

For boys, outdoor games are the best options. Basketball, soccer, cycling, swimming, etc. For girls, dancing or music lessons, etc, would be great. These hobbies however should not be forced on children. Ask the interests of your children before proceeding with what you have in mind.

Then participate actively in these hobbies. Playing with your children and doing these activities together would build your relationship more.

6. Attending activities in your children's school

Don't shirk your responsibilities in your kid's school. We oftentimes hear people state that their children's learning process should be upon the teachers' shoulders alone. We often forget that learning takes place everywhere, anywhere, and in many different ways. You should attend those Parents' meetings and seminars because they are parts of your fathering responsibilities.

You could even tutor your children in subjects they have difficulty with. You could also encourage them to read books by setting the example.
7. Being the major financial provider of the family

Being a father is synonymous with being a provider.
Nowadays this responsibility is shared by mothers, just as the responsibility of household chores is shared by fathers. But the father is still looked up to as the financial provider of the family. Your role as a father would not be complete unless you have the financial stability to provide for the needs of your family.

Being a parent means being a father. It has the same responsibilities like mothering. They can never be absolutely separated, as marriage is a partnership. Even feeding the baby could be done by fathers now through bottles. Once a parent, always a father, and vice-versa. Fathering is a responsibility that you should also enjoy and look forward to.


tashabud said...

Excellent post, Jena. Forwarded the email version of this to my son.

Have a great weekend,

Virginia Gaces said...

Thanks, Tasha. I hope he learns something. Take care. hugs.

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