Monday, February 22, 2010

Teen Mother: When She Plans to Keep Her Child

A teen mother deciding to keep her child is one of the bravest things a young person can do.
This decision entails lots of courage and the strength of character to face the unknown challenges that could arise from the pregnancy, delivery, and the care of the baby.
When a teen mother decides to accept the seemingly gargantuan responsibilities of rearing up her baby, adults should be supportive and encouraging. If we show more concern for whoever needs them, then this would be a better place to live in.

Here are some good tips for a teen mother who plans to keep her child:

1. Enlist the support of family members

She should involve family members and enlist their moral support. This is of great importance in this critical period. Parents should be informed of the teen's decision. The father of the child also has the right to know, if he had not been informed yet. The father of the baby has to fulfill the financial, moral and ethical obligations that go hand in hand with parenting.

2. The health of the baby should be foremost

Advise the mother to refrain from alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Inform her of the unhealthy side effects of alcohol. Alcohol can cause disorientation and can wreak havoc on the muscle coordination of the person. What would happen if she was holding the body and her muscle are uncoordinated or she becomes disoriented? Prolonged use of alcohol also causes irreversible liver cirrhosis.

Cigarette smoke, on the other hand, would be harmful to the baby. A passive smoker is in more danger than the active smoker. Smoking causes lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. The baby's young lungs could easily get infected.

Drugs can cause physical dependence and addiction. A drug user could never properly take care of a baby because she would be delusional, irascible and partially deranged, depending on the level of her addiction.

Some therapeutic drugs and birth control pills also could also be transmitted through the milk. Before taking in any drug, the pediatrician should be consulted first.
Let the mother know of all these detrimental side effects and emphasize that substance dependence and being a good mother could never go together. If she wants to take care of her baby, then she has to stop her addiction.

3. Breast milk is still the best for her baby

Breast milk contains nutrients like amino acids (taurine), vital enzymes and good lipid which are essential for the growth of her baby. The first flow of breast milk contains colostrum which strengthens the baby's
immune system.

Aside from these health benefits, there would also be a great financial reprieve for her. Commercially manufactured milk powders are expensive nowadays. What more the alarming discovery of the China manufactured tainted milk ( .tainted.milk.2.829832.html problem is causing a scare all over the world.

4. Vegetables and fruits should be the main composition of her diet

These foodstuffs are healthy and are rich with anti-oxidants, vitamins, iron, minerals and fibers. They also enhance milk production. The healthier the diet of the mother is, the healthier the baby would be.

5. Proper vaccinations should be given to the baby

Immunizations/Vaccinations usually start at two months old. There are available vaccines like oral polio vaccines (OPV), Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus (DPT), measles vaccines, and a few more. Instruct her to inquire from her pediatrician what appropriate vaccine should be given to the baby.

The vaccination schedule should be followed for the immunization to be effective. This would decrease the vulnerability of the baby to diseases. As the cliche' goes, "prevention is better than cure."

6. Open a savings account for the baby

Questions like, "how could I save when I don't have anything to save?" are sometimes a defeatist attitude. Explain to her that if she has a dollar a day, she should save $ 0.10. It does not matter how small her earnings are, as long as she saves a small portion of it. Saving for the rainy days takes discipline, but this will benefit her greatly in the long run.

7. Love is the ultimate priority

When a baby is well-loved, he would be healthy in a holistic way. Since he is secure, he would grow up to be good human being. The mother's unconditional love is all it takes for the baby to feel whole.

It is a fact that secure, happy and well-loved children would grow up to be morally upright individuals with a strong sense of responsibility and generosity towards others.

8. Being a good mother is a lifetime quest.

Ensure her that striving to be a good mother is a lifetime challenge. That as long as she would keep trying, she still has not failed. Persistence and patience are virtues that parents should possess.

After giving her tips, don't forget to give her a pat and a hug. Laud her for her brave action. She deserves it for having the maturity to own up to her responsibilities!

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