Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wholesome Activities for Teens to Veer Them Away From Drugs

Parenting teenage children is sometimes difficult that one has to be innovative in thinking of ways and means to introduce new activities for them. These should arouse their interests and motivate them to participate. If children are left to themselves and are inactive, they usually resort to vices, like drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

There are several fruitful activities that could entertain them and divert them away from vices. These are sports like basketball, foot ball, rowing, cricket and many more.

Basketball is a team sports. It is ballgame that will expose your child to the team spirit of unity and camaraderie. It also is good for of exercise. Exercise strengthens the body muscles, unclogs blood vessels, increases blood circulation, and burns off excess bad lipids in the adipose tissues.

Playing the game would teach your child to be a gracious loser and a humble winner. Teach him that winning is not everything and that playing the game fairly is in itself a victory.

Football is also one great game for teens. Just like basketball, it requires teamwork and cooperation in order to win the game other games are cricket, volleyball and many more.

Even rowing is considered a sport now, so with, rugby, cheerleading, and swimming and cycling. All necessary equipment would not be a problem with any of these sports. They’re readily available from this Sports site.


tashabud said...

Great suggestions to keep our children stay active in a positive way and away from drugs and alcohol. Great sites you've linked to.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Tasha,

Yes, sports are always great to keep your children healthy and active.

Love yah.

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