Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do You Love Me?

I don’t often see her sit still for several minutes. She is always busy with something. It may be with a paper she decided to cut into unrecognizable pieces; a book she decided to “read” (held by his small uncoordinated hands); the pillows and blankets she opted to “fix” inside the closet; the chairs she arranged into a haphazard manner; she does not run short of creative and new things to do.

There is one thing she never failed to ask me, and that is: “Do you love me?”

We may not realize it, but children need constant reminder that they are loved –no matter what.

They should find that assurance from home. Knowing that they are loved and that they belonged somewhere, will make them more secure and self-confident.

Showing them your love by your moral support and encouraging words is the best gift you can give your child.

Do not forget those simple but significant words: " I LOVE YOU."


Jenny said...

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Jena Isle said...

Hello Jenny,

I would like to join, when is the deadline? thanks.

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