Thursday, May 8, 2008


Peace has come at last - Sheena is sleeping now. Earlier, there was chaos as she threw things around and romped inside my room. My blankets and pillows were strewn around and she pulls everything her hands could hold on to. At times I tell her not to throw things around as they may break, or to put things down as they may hurt her. She never gets tired of jumping, dancing around, singing (her baby song, with her baby words) and turning my room into a playground.

She does get tired now and then and rests, and when she does, she takes this opportunity to ask questions:
"Why is it dark outside, Lola?"
"Why does the cat meow?"
"Why do I have to close the door?"
And so many questions that her inquisitive mind could think of.

Sometimes, I can give a satisfactory answer, sometimes I can't.
"Why do i have to comb my hair?" she asked.
"So, you will look good."
"Why do I have to look good?"
"Because by looking good, you show respect to other people."
"Why do I have to respect other people?"
And the questions, go on and on.

Looking at her now, peacefully sleeping, I Thank God, I had controlled my anger when she wrote all over my papers; when she accidentally broke my pencil and when she did childish things which were part of her growing up process.

I should always remember that she is still a "baby" - innocent and sweet; that she is just being herself- an ordinary child - playful and adventurous; that I should be grateful for the impish angel that she is.

I love you - Sheena.


tashabud said...

Oh, you're such a patient and loving granny. I don't know how you keep up with her, go to work, and still have time to do your blogging/ writing.

5th installment is in, by the way if you're still interested. Be seeing you at my site?

Jena Isle said...

Wow Tasha, that's great! I will be there.

Dette | Dance of Motherhood said...

lol - so sweet! They DO ask so many inquisitive questions, don't they?

And when they're asleep, you can't imagine heaven's angels looking any sweeter than they. :)

Jenaisle said...

Yes Dette, they really are angels - impish- but angels nevertheless. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


I have a wild one myself. I adore her feisty spirit but I have never seen anything quite like it. Myabe our girls will be president one day as they seem to be on top of things. Mine threw a yogurt at the cashier at Target yesterday (she is only two). Have patience is all you can do and hope that soon they will grow into the angels that they really are.

Jena Isle said...

Yes, you are right Health WannaBee Mom. We should enjoy this phase as it is only temporary and soon they will be growing into adults. Good luck to both of us.

Cielo said...

hi mom, you can really see the window of innocence in our kids in our little one...nakakatanggal ng pagod

thx for the visit in my site.

Jena Isle said...

Yes Cielo, they're little angels, thanks too for dropping by.

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